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Primus, is a complete mixture of high-quality raw materials where plant extracts and algae are activated with humic acids and added of iron chelated. Primus promotes expected yields, best plants development and abundant flowering.

Primus is the ideal fertilizer for all garden, balcony and apartment plants

Primus is also indicated for the vegetable gardens where increases the size and quality of the fruit of all crops.


Innovative solution of PLANT, ALGAE and MINERAL EXTRACTS for the amazing growth of Plants, flowers and roots

SUSPENSION OLIVE ORGAN-MINERAL CONCIMES with activator and iron (Fe) for horticultural use

Nitrogen (N) total 8
Nitrogen (N) organic 0.3 %
Nitrogen (N) urea 7.7 %
Water soluble iron (Fe) 0,3 %
Iron (Fe) chelated with EDTA 0.3 %
Organic carbon (C) of organic origin 3 %
Mineral fertilizers: urea
Organic components: fluid yeast extract containing brown algae
Activator: humic extracts 5%
Chelating agent: EDTA

pH range ensuring good stability of the chelated fraction: 4-9
The product is stable at ordinary temperatures and pressures.
Store at temperatures between 4°C and 25°C.

In PRIMUS, the high purity raw materials that make up the mixture of plant extracts and algae, activated with humic acids and the microelement Iron in chelated form in high quantities promote development, healthy, balanced growth and abundant flowering.
PRIMUS is an ideal product for all garden, balcony and apartment plants.
PRIMUS is also suitable for the garden, where it increases the size and deliciousness of the fruit in all crops.